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Best Photography Book of the Year Award

The festival would like to pay tribute to the important role
of the publishing industry as a means of promoting photography.
Since 1998, PHotoESPAÑA has recognized the best photography
book of the year. Beginning in 2007 three categories were introduced:
Best Photography Book of the Year in national and international
categories,and Outstanding Publisher of the Year. In 2015 a new
category was included: Best Self-Published Book of the Year.

A jury comprised of the Cultural Director of the Spanish National Library,
Carlos Alberdi, photographer, critic and curator, Mireia Sentís, and
collector Gabriela Cendoya have granted the awards in the categories
Best Photography Book of the Year in national and international
categories,and Outstanding Publisher of the Year and Best Self-Published
Book of the Year.

The Best Photography Book of the Year Award has been granted to
(Un)expected by Peter Dekens, published by The Eriskay Connection.
(Un)expected is a photography project that portrays the process of
coping with a family member's suicide. Eastern Flanders, the region
where Dekens was raised, has a suicide index that exceeds the European
mean. In 2008, Dekens mother ended her own life, an event that marked
the birth of this project.  (Un)expected is made up of five stories about
the grief experienced by the relatives of the people who end their lives
and the different ways of coping with such a loss.

In the national category for Best Photography Book of the Year,
the award went to Juana Requena's Al borde de todo mapa, published
by  por Ediciones Anómalas, which has also been granted the
Outstanding Publisher of the Year Award.  Al borde de todo mapa is
Juana Requena's first book, until now he had only made artist books,
always unique copies, like the rest of his work. This book, with a total
circulation of 1500 copies, has a fixed section and one that is personalized
by the author. In other words, no two books are the same, as he
modified each one of them as they came out of the printer and into his
studio, maintaining his usual way of working. Moreover, the manual
work which modifies, adds or removes texts and images serves as an
example of the editorial process, where different readings of an open
book are available and decisions have to be made.

Ediciones Anómalas is a publisher specialized in photography, born in
2012 and comprised of Montse Puig e Israel Ariño. Since the beginning,
they have published the works of consolidated photographers such as
Cristóbal Hara or José Manuel Navia, as well as young authors' first books,
the case of Juana Requena, but also Salvi Danés and Yurian Quintanas
among others.

The Best Self-Published Book Award has been granted to barespagnol
by Pablo Casino. This oeuvre, which seems of another time, takes us in
a black and white journey to Brussels in the 70's, although the pictures
are contemporary. As described in the book, "In 1970's the number of
Spanish immigrants residing in Brussels reached 30,000. Those who
made up the group managed to establish, among other things, over one
hundred bars and Spanish commerces, of which only a dozen remain open.
In 2013, the spaces that live on where the stage for the photos featured in
this book."

The jury also gave a special mention to Phenomena, by Sara Galbiati,
Peter Helles Eriksen, Tobias Selnæs Markussen and published by André Frère
Éditions. It is a piece on the different beliefs on the OVNI phenomenon
and how it was born, created after a journey taken across the states of Nevada,
New México and Arizona with survey purposes.

The books that have been granted an award, along with a vast selection
from the more than 300 books that took part in the contests can be
seen until August 27th in the exhibition Los mejores libros de fotografía del año
hosted by the Spanish National Gallery.

Previous prizewinners:

PHE 16
Categoría nacional: Die Traumadeutung de Joan Fontcuberta.
Categoría internacional: The walls don’t speak / Les Murs ne parlent pas de
Jean-Robert Dantou y Florence Weber Kehrer.
Editorial destacada del año: Radius Books
Autoeditado: Kleine Fotoenzyklopädie de Guadalupe Ruiz

PHE 15
Categoría nacional: RM y La Caixa, por Everybody Needs Good Neighbours de
Arnau Blanch
Categoría internacional: RVB Books y Archive of Modern Conflict, por Illustrated
de Thomas Mailaender
Editorial destacada del año: AMC – Archive of Modern Conflict
Autoeditado: PAIN de Toni Amengual

PHE 14
Categoría nacional: Fabulario y los Cuadernos de la Kursala, por Ostalgia de
Simona Rota
Categoría internacional: RM y Archive of Modern Conflict, por Party Quotations
Chairman Mao Tse-Tung de Cristina de Middel
Editorial destacada del año: Dawi Lewis

PHE 13
Categoría nacional: RM/Toluca Éditions, por Urbes Mutantes 1941-2012.
Latin American Photography

Categoría internacional: Steidl, por The Little Black Jacket
Editorial destacada del año: Hatje Cant

PHE 12
Categoría nacional: Fundación Telefónica, por Máquinas de Marín
Categoría internacional: Lars Müller Publishers, por Swarm de Lukas Feldmann
Editorial destacada del año: Kehrer

PHE 11
Categoría nacional: Fundación Santander 2016 y La Fábrica, por Europa
de Bernard Plossu
Categoría internacional: Aperture Foundation, por Destroy this Memory
de Richard Misrach
Editorial destacada del año: Nobody

PHE 10
Categoría nacional: Editorial Lampreave, por Soviet Aviation de Alexander Ródchenko
y Varva Stepánova
Categoría internacional: T&G Publishing, Australia, por Atlas Monographs: Max Pam
Editorial destacada del año: Aperture Foundation

PHE 09
Categoría nacional: Fundación Barrié de la Maza, por Paul Strand, en el principio
fue Manhattan

Categoría internacional: M+M Auer, por Wegee the famous
Editorial destacada del año: Errata Editions

PHE 08
Categoría nacional: Marín de Fundación Telefónica
Categoría internacional: Steidl/Steven Kasher Gallery por Albert Maysles,
A Maysles Scrapbook
Editorial destacada del año: Twin Palms

PHE 07
Categoría nacional: Museo del Prado/Turner, por Making Time de Thomas Struth
Categoría internacional: Edições Tinta-da-china, por Lda Sob Céus Estranhos.
Uma história de exilio

de Daniel Blaufuks
Editorial destacada del año: Steidl Publishers

PHE 06
Categoría nacional: FotoEditor/Photovision, por Historia del grupo fotográfico
Afal 1956/1963

Categoría internacional: Steidl Publishers, por Audiovisual Snap Jdgments:
New Positions in Contemporary African Photography

PHE 05
Categoría nacional: Editorial Gran Sol – Comuniad de Madrid, por Manila de
Ricky Dávila y Nice to meet you de Txema Salvans
Categoría internacional: Artimo NL, por Why, Mr. Why? de Geert van Kesteren

PHE 04
Categoría nacional: TF Editores, por Mujeres, amor y mentiras de Carmela García
Categoría internacional: Twim Palm Publishers, por A Story Book Life de
Philip-Lorca diCorcia

PHE 03
Categoría nacional: Steidl, por Home de Lars TunjOrk
Categoría internacional: Peliti Asociati, por Quelli di Bagueria de
Ferdinando Scianna

PHE 02
Categoría nacional: Actar, por Very, Very Bad News de Jordi Bernardó
Categoría internacional ex aequo: Phaidon Press London, por Martin Parr
Berlin. Gabriel Basilico (ex aequo) Actes Sud, por Berlin de Gabriel Basilico

PHE 01
Categoría nacional: Logos PHE 24-04

PHE 00
Categoría nacional: Vanitas de Cristobal Hara

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Categoría nacional: Inferno de James Nachtwey

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Categoría nacional: Outland de Roger Ballen