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1,800 Millimetre

Emi Anrakuji represents herself as an alchemist of images and a catalyst for daydreams and desires. Posing naked, clothed, or — Blanca Soto Arte

Amphoras and Broken Things

The work of chilean artist Livia Martin is characterised by large format installations in which she incorporates pieces of her — Proyecto H Contemporáneo


Sandstone is the material allotted by nature for caprice, dynamism and the distortion of shapes. Devoid of rules or proportion — Materna y Herencia

Català-Roca. Masterworks

Català-Roca is one of Spain's great 20th century photographers. One of Joan Miro´s closest friends, he was a committed intellectual — Tiempos Modernos

Construtio. 3/30

We present three contemporary photographers from three different decades – 40, 30 and 25 years old – at contrasting stages — Cero

Dos proyectos

“Un lugar sin refugio” [A Place Without Refuge] explores the tensions that arise from the urban systems of production in — Casa sin fin


The purpose of this site-specific exhibition is to test the limits of elasticity of the photographic language. A single frame — Ogami Press

Face to Face: Portraits of artists In Venezuelan Photography

Over the years many of Venezuela’s photographers have wanted to photograph their country’s artists. Venezuela’s contemporary portraiture features an ample — Odalys

Fernando Nuño

Carrying on with their task of recovering the legacy of mid-20th century Spanish and Latin American photographers, Galería José de — José de la Mano

First International Photography Prize Mondo Galería

With this exhibition Mondo Galería caps the first International Photography Prize. The display comprises the work of the winner of — Mondo Galeria

In Pain (detail)

Nobuyoshi Araki’s four Polaroids make us come into contact with the possibilities of pain. They share the same space as — 6MÁS1

Insomniac Animal

This exhibition showcases photographs in medium-size and large formats accompanied by an audio installation and a poem by the artist. — Puxagallery


‘Outland’, ‘Shadow Chamber’ and ‘Boarding House’ show us a hallucinatory and enigmatic look at one of the most singular and — Camara Oscura

José Manuel Ferrater, fotografías de moda y retratos 1980–2011

Renown for his fashion photography and for directing fashion films, Ferrater has become one of the most singular and revealing — Juan Naranjo Galeria de Arte & Documentos

Just One Eye

Cristina Macaya’s photographs show the city where she lives from a different and particular perspective. — Álvaro Alcázar

Let’s line our own pockets

We present a selection of the work produced at the famous El Molino theatre, a veritable window in 1975 into — Fernando Pradilla

Life in Motion

Movement is one of the elements that best define life. Christian Voigt photographs life, what he finds, what finds him, — Lucía Mendoza


The photographs that Cook displays in this exhibition are part of what she calls Close at Hand, a black and — Ivorypress

Luis Brito: They are there

Están allí [They are there] is the first exhibition in Madrid of the recently deceased Luis Brito, winner of Venezuela’s — Cesta República


By virtue of this type of light (LUV-A or short wave ultraviolet radiation) and the parameters of the photographic camera, — Kir Royal Gallery

Michiko Kon

Michiko’s creative process explores still life as a descriptive format in itself rather than as a simple compositional selection; she — Michel Soskine

Modern Paparazza

The exhibition presents a close look at the houses designed by two architects fundamental to the modernist movement, Rudolf M. — La Caja Negra

Office Romance

This is the first exhibition in Spain by Kathy Ryan, director of photography at The New York Times Magazine. — Spainmedia Gallery

One + Two

One + two shows three different perspectives: David Delgado develops his work along three lines of research: documentary photography, contextualised — BAT Alberto Cornejo


The pleasure of touristing, the agreeable adventure that is still possible, the delight of composing photographs, also that of posing — Fernández-Brasos

Polar Heir

What is it about the sterility and emptiness of the Polar Regions that we find so fascinating, so appealing? Han — Blanca Berlín

Red Mud

Barro Rojo [red mud] is Javier Marquerie Bueno’s photographic project, which documents from the present the Battle of Brunete, held — StandARTe

Selected Paintings. 2007/2017

Ciuco Gutiérrez reflexiona sobre los límites de la fotografía en relación con la pintura. En diversas ocasiones y a lo — My Name's Lolita Art

Slant Rhymes

Slant Rhymes is a visual conversation between photographers Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, a couple that have been working — La Fábrica

The Bearded Woman

Marina Nuñez portrays, through representations of bearded women, errors or singularities of nature. Symbolic meaning with moralising intentions can also — Pilar Serra

The Fragrance of Morphine

En Fragancia de morfina la ausencia y el silencio que se produce en algo tan cercano como las relaciones personales — Luis Burgo Galería de Arte

The Place Where I Live

In the years 2011 and 2015, an open call for children's drawings took place in Michocán and Veracruz. The children — Ponce + Robles

The Reason of Being

The works of Alberto García Alix span across several countries and have been featured in publications such as Vogue, British — Juana de Aizpuru

The Reds

Los Rojos (The Reds) engages with the use of colour in the composition of images. The conception of colour as — Marlborough


Traces is a visual account of the poetics of the passage of time. It brings together the vicissitudes of two — Marita Segovia

Violet III

As we explore the room we find a space in which colour, light and time become the protagonists. Colour is — Magda Bellotti