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Iñigo Aragón. Sin título, de la serie Cocktail, 2014 © Iñigo Aragón
Jon Cazenave. Sin título, de la serie Ardora, 2014 © Jon Cazenave
Bego Antón. Sin título, de la serie The Earth Is Only A Little Dust Under Our Feet, 2013 © Bego Antón
Nicolás Combarro. Sin título, de la serie De_re_construir, 2014 © Nicolás Combarro
Carla Andrade. Sin título, de la serie Geometría de ecos, 2013 © Carla Andrade
Alberto Feijoo. Restos, de la serie Rosetta, 2014 © Alberto Feijoo
© Julián Barón
Olmo González. Galaxia de pan, de la serie Supernova, 2013 © Olmo González
David Hornillos. Sin título, de la serie Mediodía, 2014 © David Hornillos
Alejandro Marote. Sin título, de la serie A, 2014 © Alejandro Marote
Óscar Monzón. RPR, 2014 © Óscar Monzón
Román Yñán. Sin título, de la serie Diarios fotográficos, 2014 © Román Yñán
Carlos Sanva. Sin título, de la serie Sugarfree, 2013 © Carlos Sanva
Daniel Mayrit. Man With Hammer, de la serie Suburban Scenes, 2012 © Daniel Mayrit
Cristina de Middel. Sin Título de la serie Antipodes, 2013 © Cristina de Middel
Jesús Madriñán. Sin título, 2014 © Jesús Madriñán
Tanit Plana. Don dinero. Acción 1. Sacar dinero, 2012 © Tanit Plana
Miguel Ángel Tornero. 870 b, de la serie Panorama, 2012 © Miguel Ángel Tornero
Alberto Salván Zulueta. 01, de la serie Facade, 2014 © Alberto Salván Zulueta
María Sánchez. En todo los lugares, a todas las horas, 2014 © María Sánchez
Javier Maqueríe Thomas. Sin título, de la serie Königin der Nacht, mother and I, 2014 © Javier Maqueríe Thomas
Ixone Sádaba. Sin título, de la serie Not Unfaithful to the Spirit of the Thing, 2014 © Ixone Sádaba
Marc Serra. Bigger and Unique, 2014 © Marc Serra
Bubi Canal. Special Moment, 2013 © Bubi Canal

P2P. Contemporary Practice in Spanish Photography

Alberto Feijoo

Alberto Salván

Alejandro Marote

Bego Antón

Bubi Canal

Carla Andrade

Carlos Sanva

Cristina de Middel

Daniel Mayrit

David Hornillos

Íñigo Aragón

Ixone Sadaba

Javier Marquerie

Jesús Madriñán

Jon Cazenave

Julián Barón

Marc Serra

María Sánchez

Miguel Ángel Tornero

Nicolás Combarro

Olmo González

Oscar Monzón

Román Yñán

Tanit Plana

Teatro Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa

Plaza de Colón, 4
28001 Madrid
Mar-Dom / Tue-Sun: 11.00 - 14.30 h / 17.00 - 20.30 h
Dom, Fest / Sun, Hol: 10.00 - 19.00 h
Lun / Mon: Cerrado / Closed

Metro: Colón / Serrano
T + 34 91436 25 40

Dates: 4 June – 20 July

Curators: Charlotte Cotton and 30y3 team (Luis Díaz Díaz and Iñaki Domingo)
Organised by: PHotoEspaña
In collaboration with: EEPSON / Área de las Artes del Ayuntamiento de Madrid / Madrid Destino Cultura Turismo y Negocio, S.A.

An exhibition project designed to explore the most innovative theories and practices in contemporary Spanish photography

Artists were selected through a series of online conversations addressing the variety of photographic practices currently in use

P2P. Contemporary Practice in Spanish Photography is an exhibition project aimed at exploring and sharing the most innovative theories and practices reflected in the work of young contemporary Spanish photographers. It is designed with a view to creating visual conversations between the photographers taking part, in order to highlight their dynamic approach and examine the broad spectrum of photographic ideas informing the work of these artists and their creative networks.

The thirty artists whose work will be on show are to be selected by means of a series of public conversations, moderated by a team of curators, addressing issues relating to photography as a medium, to their preferred methods and to the context in which they are currently working. These conversations, to be launched by a first group of photographers chosen by the curators, will shape the content of the exhibition and govern the selection of artists taking part.

Running in tandem with the exhibition itself, the project will include a series of debates, workshops and activities aimed at providing a space for reflecting on the state of contemporary Spanish photography. A catalogue will be published after the event, containing material generated in the course of the project.

C/ Verónica 13 · 28014 Madrid
T. +34 913 601 326 · F. +34 901 020 535

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