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What is Trasatlántica?

Trasatlántica, PHotoESPAÑA's photography and visual arts forum aims at promoting exchanges and diffusing Iberian-American creator's works.  Together with the Spanish Agency for Development and a network of local cultural centres and experts, it organises cultural activities and encounters that give way to exchanges between Iberian-American experts and photographers.

So far, its programmes have developped over the course of ten editions in Caracas (Venezuela), Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala), Ciudad de Panamá ( Panama), Dakar (Senegal), Madrid (Spain), La Paz (Bolivia), Lima (Peru), Managua (Nicaragua), twice in México DF (Mexico), Miami (USA), Montevideo (Uruguay), Oaxaca (Mexico), Rosario (Argentina), San José (Costa Rica), Santiago de Chile ( Chile) y Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

In 2017 Sao Paulo hosted a new encounter with two exhibitions and a viewing. The program will carry on in July in Manila (Philippines) and in Casablanca (Morocco) next October.