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Winners of 2019/20 Master PHotoESPAÑA scholarships

Daniela Olave. Selected for the 12th edition of the Master PHotoESPAÑA in Photography: Theory and Artistic Projects. The Colombian photographer

PHotoESPAÑA Awards 2019 winners

The photographers Donna Ferrato and Pilar Pequeño were awarded the PHotoESPAÑA and Bartolomé Ros Awards, respectively. These top distinctions awarded

Weekly Agenda PHE19. From June, 3 to 9

JUNIO / JUNE Lunes, 3 de junio / Monday, June 3 Apertura (SI) ONE SHOT HOTELES. Hotel One Shot Recoletos Salustiano

Off Festival 2019. Openings Calendar

ABRIL / APRIL 27.04 – 24.06.2019 JUANA DE AIZPURU Barquillo 44, 1º Tim Parchikov Barreras de luz / Sight Barries

Workshop on Rayographs. Ivorypress

Today we live surrounded by digital imagery, forgetting that images are light. A photograph exists because light reflected on a