Dovetailing with the 75th anniversary of D-Day, PHotoESPAÑA is presenting photograph series entitled Normandie: Les rivages du débarquement for the first time Nave’s, a series shot in Normandy between 2003 and 2019

The exhibition brings together his two series Les rivages du débarquement and Mulberry Harbour

Normandie: Les rivages du débarquement will be on display at Tabacalera until 8 September


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The photographer Eduardo Nave is participating in PHotoESPAÑA 2019 with a show at Tabacalera. Dovetailing with the 75th anniversary of the landing in Normandy, the photographer revisits the French beaches to relive one of the most important moments in 20th-century European history.


Between 2003 and 2005, he made two series of photographs, Les rivages du débarquement and Mulberry Harbour, and in 2019 he went back to complete the project.


The exhibition Les rivages du débarquement includes Eduardo Nave’s complete project, which encompasses both photographs and videos. This project has never before been seen with both series together.


Eduardo Nave has photographed the remains of the artificial harbour Mulberry B, built in 1944, at different times and from different perspectives. Scenes that look towards the sea or the coast, close-ups or long shots, on grey and cloudless days with threatening or clear skies, with a rough and a calm sea, with hundreds of seagulls flying over these remains or perching on them.


The artist has also travelled the landing beaches—which at one time had code names: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword—in a series in which the passers-by, bathers and sunsets of today coexist with the remains of war materiel from another era.


As the exhibition curator Oliva María Rubio says: ‘All of the images are steeped in a certain melancholy, many of them shrouded in a mist that inspires reflection and remembrance.’


In the videos recorded on his last trip, Nave was able to submerge himself in the sea and take shots from a variety of places on high and at ground level, from inside and outside the water, in an attempt to make us feel what those thousands of men felt on landing in those beautiful, tranquil spots, where some of them met their deaths.

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