Meet those selected for the PHE18 Award for Best Photography Book of the Year

The PHotoESPAÑA 2018 Award for the Best Photography Book of the Year already has 57 selected publications. The selection will be exhibited at the National Library of Spain from June 6 to September 23, 2018. Along with the chosen books, the 20 finalist models of the Book Dummy Award 2017, organized by La Fábrica and Photo London, and 10 of the Latest publications of the La Fábrica publishing house that do not compete for the Prize.

Of the more than 350 entries received during the call, the PHE18 Award for Best Photography Book of the Year has selected 57 publications that will compete for the award. The selection has been made by a committee of experts that has valued above all the quality and originality of the proposals received.

Of the 57 books chosen, 17 belong to the national category, 29 to the international category and 11 to the self-published category. The entire selection will be exhibited at the National Library of Spain during PHotoESPAÑA 2018, from June 6 to September 23. During the first week of the exhibition, an expert jury will choose a winner for each of the aforementioned categories and will also choose a prominent publisher.

Together with the books chosen to qualify for the Prize, they will be able to be seen the 20 finalist models of the Book Dummy Award 2017 organized by La Fábrica and Photo London and 10 of the latest publications from La Fábrica publishing house.

The 57 books selected are:


Ricardo Cases
Publisher: Dalpine
Designed by Ángel Álvarez
Printer: Grafilur



Javier Viver
Immortal Aurelia
Publisher: Trama y
University of Navarra Museum
Designed by Javier Viver and
Miguel San Jose Romano
Printer: Brizzolis



Eduardo Nave
Publisher: Anomalous Editions
Designed by underbau
Printing: Palermo




Israel Ariño
La gravetat del lloc
Publisher: Anomalous Editions
Designed by underbau
Printer: Brizzolis




Alvaro Deprit
Publisher: Anomalous Editions
Designed by underbau
Printing: Palermo



Bleda and Rosa
Editorial: Bombas Gens Center d'Art, Museo Universidad Navarra, and CGAC
Designed by Hermanos Berenguer
Printer: Brizzolis



American AB
Publisher: Paripé Books
Designed by Aitor Baigorri (Cover: Matt Willey)
Imprint: Foroprint



Xavier Miserachs and Laura Terré
Xavier Miserachs. Unforeseen epilogue
Publisher: RM + Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera
Designed by Hermanos Berenguer
Printer: SYL



Photobook Phenomenon
Editorial: RM + CCCB + Foto Colectania
Designed by Ramon Pez
Printing: Nova era



Alvaro Laiz
The Hunt
Publisher: RM + Dewi Lewis
Designed by Ramon Pez
Printer: L´Artiere



Javier Arcenillas
Publisher: RM
Designed by Köln Studio
Printer: Brizzolis



Antoine d'Agata
Antoine d'Agata. Codex. Mexico 1986-2016
Publisher: RM
Designed by Estudio Herrera
Printer: Brizzolis



Luis Cobelo
Publisher: Luis Cobelo
Designed by Jaime Narváez
Printer: Grafilur



Gerard boyer
Being from La Cala
Publisher: Fuego Books
Designed by Román Yñán and Ignasi López
Printer: CEGE



Carol caicedo
Edit Sala Kursala
Designed by underbau
Printing: Palermo



Antonio Gonzalez Caro
Edit Sala Kursala
Designed by Marina Meyer
Printer: Brizzolis



Fábio Cunha
ZONE - An Investigation Report
Publisher: Sala Kursala
Designed by Ilhas studio
Printer: The Folio Club





Pedro Guimaraes
How to Fly
Publisher: XYZ Books
Designed by Joana Duraes
Printer: Norprint



Thyago Nogueira
BODY AGAINST BODY: The battle of images, from photography to live streaming
Publisher: Instituto Moreira Salles
Designed by Elaine Ramos
Printer: Ipsis Gráfica e Editora



Jonas bendiksen
The last testament
Publisher: Aperture / GOST Books
Designed by Stuart Smith / GOST Books




Annelies de Mey
Black Mountain Conversations
Publisher: APE
Designed by Annelies de Mey & Jurgen Maelfeyt (6'56 '')




Sybren Vanoverberghe
Publisher: APE
Designed by Sybren Vanoverberghe & Jurgen Maelfeyt (6'56 '')
Printer: Argraf




Thomas nolf
Peculiar Artifacts in Bosnia & Herzegovina - an imaginary exhibition
Publisher: APE
Designed by Jurgen Maelfeyt (6'56 '')




Titus Simoens
For Brigitte
Publisher: APE
Designed by Titus Simoens




Laia April
On Abortion
Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing
Designed by Ramon Pez
Printer: Grafiche dell'Artiere




Laurence Aëgerter
Photographic Treatment ©
Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing
Designed by Erik Kessels
Printer: Ofset Yapimevi, Istanbul




Simon Roberts
Merrie Albion, Landscape Studies of a Small Island
Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing
Designed by Ben Weaver
Printer: Petit SKLublin, Poland




Andrej Lamut
Publisher: The Angry Bat
Designed by Andrej Lamut, Matej Sitar, Marko Damiš




Lynn alleva lilley
Tender Mint
Publisher: The Eriskay Connection
Designed by Rob van Hoesel
Printer: Jos Morree (Fine Books)




Marjan teeuwen
Destroyed house
Publisher: Valiz, Amsterdam
Designed by Haller Brun
Printer: Wilco, Amersfoort, The Netherlands




Grzybowska Agate
9 gates of no return
Publisher: Blow Up Press
Designed by Aneta Kowalczyk
Printer: Argraf




Alejandro Cartagena
Santa Barbara Shame On Us
Publisher: Skinnerboox
Designed by Milo Montelli




Manfred willmann
Lightning Flash & Gentian Blue
Publisher: Fotohof edition
Designed by Christian Wachter




Jacqueline hassink
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
Designed by Irma Boom
Printer: Lenoirschuring, Amsterdam




Mathieu Asselin
Monsanto®: A photographic Investigation
Publisher: Verlag Kettler (English Edition), Actes Sud (French Edition)
Designed by Ricardo Báez
Printer: Druckerei Kettler, Germany




Ludovic balland
American Readers at Home
Publisher: Verlag Scheidegger & Spiess
Designed by Ludovic Balland and Rahel Oberhummer
Printer: DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH




Park jongwoo
DMZ: Demilitarized Zone of Korea
Publisher: Steidl
Designed by Theseus Chan, Gerhard Steidl and Duncan Whyte
Printer: Steidl




Thomas Gizolme & Aline Diépois
Abstrakt Zermatt
Publisher: Steidl
Designed by Aline Diepois & Thomas Gizolme
Printer: Steidl




Timothy prus
The Luton Auguries
Publisher: RVB BOOKS
Designed Rémi Faucheux
Printer: Die Keure




Quentin lacombe
Event horizon
Publisher: RVB BOOKS
Designed by Rémi Faucheux
Printer: Musumeci SpA




Mayumi suzuki
The Restoration Will
Publisher: Instituto Ceiba Editions
Designed by Mayumi Suzuki, Eva-Maria Kunz
Printer: Grafiche dell'Artiere




Amani willett
The Disappearance of Joseph Plummer
Publisher: Overlapse
Designed by Tiffany Jones




Iwan Baan
Landscape of Faith
Publisher: Lars Müller Publishers
Designed by Integral Lars Müller
Printer: DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg, Germany




Claudia Jaguaribe
Beijing Overshoot
Publisher: Editions Bessard
Designed by Bloco Gráfico
Printer: Artron




Miyuki okuyama
Dear Japanese: Children of war
Publisher: Cortona On The Move
Designed by Miyuki Okuyama
Printer: OTM Company Srl




Mindaugas Azusilis
Lithuania 999.9
Publisher: Culture Menu
Designed by Gytis Skudzinskas
Printer: Kopa





Ivan Nespereira
New Galicia
Designed by Juna Junquera Santiso
Printer: Grafilur




Alejandro S. Garrido
Korea. A parallel story
Designed by Alejandro S. Garrido
Printer: Kadmos, Salamanca




Dragos Hanciu
Designed by Fiorenza Pinna
Printer: Fabrik, Romania




Adrian Øhrn Johansen
This is not because you didn't want to speak with me on your trip
Designed by Sybren Kuiper
Printer: Jos Morree, FINE BOOKS




Nacho caravia
Designed by Eloi Gimeno
Printing: Agpograf, SA




Iván Navarro
Designed by underbau
Printing: Graphic Arts Palermo




Rubén H. Bermúdez
And you Why are you black?
Designed by KOLN STUDIO
Printer: Brizzolis




Coskun Asar & Bruno Le Dantec
Designed by Frederic Lezmi / Okay Karadayılar
Printer: Ofset Yapimevi




Linarejos Moreno
Art Forms in Mechanism
Publisher: Turpin editores
Designed by Linarejos Moreno
Printer: Gráficas Almeida




Chikara umihara
Whispering Hope
Designed by -SYB-
Printer: Jos Morree, FINE BOOKS




Giancarlo Shibayama
The Shibayamas
Designed by Yumi Goto / Giancarlo Shibayama





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