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Graciela Iturbide opens by giving a conference in Alcobendas

On the occasion of the delivery of the 23th Alcobendas International Photography Prize and her exhibition at the Alcobendas Art Center, Graciela Iturbide will give a conference in which she will review her creative career. The event will take place on Wednesday, May 18 at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. and admission is free until full capacity is reached.

Over five decades, Graciela Iturbide He has built an intense and deeply unique work, fundamental to understanding the evolution of photography in Latin America. This retrospective which can be visited in the Alcobendas Art Center from May 23 to August 25, It is part of the Alcobendas International Photography Award received by the Mexican photographer in its fifth edition.

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition and the delivery of the V International Prize for Photography Alcobendas, the Mexican photographer will give a conference in the auditorium of the Alcobendas Art Center (C / Mariano Sebastián Izuel 9, Alcobendas). Iturbide will review his creative career, revealing details about the most memorable series of his work, such as Sonoran Desert, Juchitán, Chalma, Oaxaca, Botanical Garden, Frida's Bath, Cabritas, India or the United States, whose long duration accentuates its status as a photograph of temperance.

The event will take place on May 23 at 18 a.m. and the entrance is free until full capacity is reached. A maximum of two tickets per person will be delivered, from one hour before the event.

Graciela Iturbide He was an assistant to Manuel Álvarez Bravo, the great master of Mexican photography, who transmitted to him a sensitivity based on values ​​related to modern art, but above all to Mexican culture.
His works, endowed with a particular atmosphere close to magical realism, soon set out to capture the reality of the indigenous peoples of Mexico, especially everything that surrounds the daily habits of women.

In Graciela Iturbide's work, her vision of the women of Juchitán (Oaxaca), the portraits of the Seris Indians, who live in the Sonora desert region, or her fascinating essay on birds stand out.

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