Activities for the public: # PHEdesdemibalcón

Through social networks, the festival launched the call # PHEdesdemibalcón last March. The reaction of the people was overwhelming, getting 63.000 entries, of which the festival selected 2.450 photographs that can currently be seen on the balconies and windows of 50 Spanish cities.

Santander was one of the cities that joined the initiative by hanging from the balconies of its central Plaza Porticada the images of various local authors. A total of 50 photographs through which the people of Santander have told us about their experiences during confinement; images that tell us about endless days in the living room, sunbathing on the terrace, fleeting trips to the supermarket, gloves and bleach, applause at eight in the afternoon, children playing, boats working, dance classes by video call, pending readings, the start of safe distances and the first rides allowed.

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