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PHotoESPAÑA needs the care of many hands like yours. Become a FRIEND!

PHotoESAPAÑA was born in 1998 with the purpose of showing the public the work of the best photographers and visual artists, consolidated and emerging, and becoming an appointment for reflection and meeting around photography.


Since its inception, the Festival has had the vocation of being a project carried out from and for society. Every year, the sum of wills makes PHotoESPAÑA a reality, built thanks to agreements and collaborations that distribute the effort, responsibility, enthusiasm and celebration already intrinsic to the Festival.


Our FRIENDS are a fundamental part of the Festival, making our appointment with photography possible every year. To be FRIEND of PHotoESPAÑA allows to know the conception and development of the project in the hands of its main protagonists - authors, curators, teams ... Live public events in the front row, enjoy exclusive events in special contexts, VIP passes for the Festival, share experiences and emotions with those who They generate them and be able to enjoy, throughout the year, specialized courses, seminars, workshops and talks with special discounts.


Check all the common benefits of becoming a FRIEND of PHotoESPAÑA here


We launched 5 types of annual plans, for all kinds of friends, with different types of benefits:


Friend Plan - € 80

Young Plan * up to 30 years - € 30

Duo Plan to share with whoever you want - € 120

Booster Plan - € 300

Protective Plan - € 2000


In addition, the FRIENDS of PHotoESPAÑA will be able to enjoy the PHE Gallery as a meeting point, a place to work together with other professionals, collaborate and form a broad and diverse community. We put at the disposal of all our FRIENDS the library, specialized in funds, with loans to Impulsores y Protectores. As well as the meeting room, available to connect people, companies and organizations and generate a positive impact through their professional activity.


PHotoESPAÑA needs the care of many hands like yours.

Become a FRIEND!

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