Call to DO. PHotoESPAÑA Forum - Community of Madrid 2021 - CLOSED!


The Community of Madrid and PHotoESPAÑA organize for the sixth consecutive year HACER, an open call to creators for the presentation of photographic projects, which will be shown to the public through four exhibitions held in the Sala El Águila during the 2021 edition of the Festival.


HACER is part of PHotoESPAÑA FORUM - Community of Madrid, a heterogeneous and open meeting space in which it is possible to do, speak, listen and be with photography. Its objective is to serve as a platform to give visibility and dissemination to projects by emerging authors or groups that reflect on cultural heritage.


The call is aimed at photographers or groups who present an exhibition project appropriate to the Sala El Águila and the premises of the project. From among all the works received, a jury made up of two representatives of the Community of Madrid and two representatives of PHotoESPAÑA will select four proposals for the realization of the samples.


This call will be coordinated by Ana Berruguete, head of exhibitions at La Fábrica, who will act as curator and support the museography.


The projects presented must be adapted to the following requirements:



The production of the work will be on photographic paper directly to the wall, favoring portable installations that allow the development of the exhibition program in four consecutive weeks.


Each author may, if he wishes, contribute materials already produced to be exhibited within his project. In that case, the costs of transporting them will be borne by the author.


The characteristics, selection of work, quantities and formats of the final proposal will be determined by the author and the curator of the festival team.



The Eagle has a room 76 linear meters. Download plan and measurements here!. IMPORTANT: The plan is different from previous years.



Each selected author or group will receive 400 euros in fees (taxes not included).



The author must be present at the assembly and disassembly of your exhibition. It will have a professional lighting and assembly team.



HACER exhibitions will take place from June 7 to July 4, 2021. Each exhibition will last one week.



Authors must send a digital dossier in .pdf format (maximum allowed 10 MB) containing a detailed description of the project that includes: a presentation text, a list of photographs and the exhibition proposal in the room, as well as a brief biography of the author .

La Dossier delivery deadline will be Friday, April 30, 2021, until 23.59:XNUMX p.m. (peninsular).




Frequently Asked Questions


Who can participate in the Do call?

All individuals over 18 years of age who have developed a photographic project that can be adapted to the exhibition characteristics of the Sala El Águila can participate in this open call. Participation can be individual or collective. Each author or group can submit a single photographic project to this open call.


How can I participate?

Each author or group must complete, free of charge, the corresponding registration form through the website of PHotoESPAÃ'A and attach a dossier that includes the text for the presentation of the project, the list of photographs and the exhibition proposal in the room, as well as a brief biography of the author or group.


Should they be unpublished projects?

It is not necessary for the projects presented to be unpublished, but they must be original and the participating author or collective is the owner of the corresponding image rights. If selected, each author or group may, if they wish, contribute materials already produced to be exhibited within their project.


Should the projects submitted be tailored to a specific theme?

This year's HACER call seeks projects that address issues related to cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible. Thus, cultural heritage can be understood as a set of resources inherited from the past that people identify, regardless of who they belong to, as a reflection and expression of their own and constantly evolving values, beliefs, knowledge and traditions. This covers all aspects of the environment resulting from the interaction between people and places over time (Framework Convention of the Council of Europe on the value of cultural heritage for society. Faro, 2005)


Those proposals that deal with the cultural heritage of the Community of Madrid and that favor an identification with the cultural, tangible or intangible assets, which are most significant of the heritage of all Madrilenians, will be especially valued.


All projects will be reviewed and validated by the organization, which reserves the right not to admit those projects that do not meet, according to its criteria, the technical, thematic, artistic and / or legal conditions determined in the call.


The authors exonerate the organization and the rest of the people and entities linked to this call from any type of responsibility derived from possible claims by third parties, relative and not limited to intellectual property rights and image rights and / or claims made by the protagonists of the images, whether they are natural or legal persons. The participant will also be the only legal person responsible for any controversy that may arise due to breach of the Law regarding copyright for the use of pre-existing images.



Until when can I submit a project?

The deadline for receiving projects will be open, without delay, until 23:59 p.m. on Friday, April 30, 2021.


What do I get if I am selected?

PHotoESPAÑA will be in charge of the production of each selected project for its temporary exhibition in the Sala El Águila. The production of the work will be on photographic paper directly to the wall. The amount of work and the format of the final proposal will be agreed by the selected author or group with the curator of the festival team and will be adapted to the characteristics of the Sala El Águila. Each of the 4 exhibitions will last one week, on dates determined by the organization. In addition, each selected author or group will receive the amount of € 400 -four hundred euros, taxes not included- as fees.


What do I commit to if I am selected?

The author or at least one member of the selected group must be present at the assembly, opening and disassembly of their exhibition, on the dates assigned by the organization. If travel and / or accommodation is necessary, the expenses will be assumed by the author.


What about copyright?

The economic and moral rights of the projects presented will continue to belong to each participating author or group. However, the authors or groups selected through the call Do authorize the convening institutions, PHotoESPAÑA and the Community of Madrid, to use the photographs of the projects presented, reproducing them or publishing them totally or partially in the forms and formats that they deem pertinent, non-profit and with the sole purpose of disseminating the PHotoESPAÑA FORUM - Community of Madrid activity, acknowledging and duly citing the author of the work.



Photography: © Sebastián Bejarano



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