Alberto David Fernández, student of the Master PHE 2019/20, wins the contest "Author Action"

With your project Aike, Alberto David Fernández, student of the PHotoESPAÑA Master in Photography, course 2019/20, wins the “Author Action” contest organized by the La Cámara Roja school and the University of Murcia.


The Author Action program, carried out by the Red Chamber for the second consecutive year together with the University of Murcia, aims to enhance the creative capacity of authors in the world of photography. In his work Aike, Alberto David Fernández photographs vestiges of the human presence in the territory, signs of our actions that acquire iconic character.


The winners of this edition, Alberto David Fernández and Fátima Ruiz from Murcia, will present their work in the “Back Box” room of the University Rectorate (Building of Convalescence).


More info here!



Image: © Alberto David Fernández

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