Marta Pradas, student of the Master PHE 2020/21, creates the workshop "Botanical: Images, Atlas and Hashtags" in Bombas Gens

Marta Pradas, student of the PHotoESPAÑA Master in Photography, has created a photography workshop at the art center Pumps Gens from Valencia, with the support of Sara Losada, Coordinator of Cultural and Educational Activities of the art center. This proposal is part of her internship work that she has to do as a student of the Master.


The workshop that has as its name Botanicals: Images, Atlases and Hashtags It is about that idea / desire that drives us to seek references, to establish connections, to create and share all of it. An approach to the plant world from collective and personal imaginary, from which a journey will be made that starts from writing and will lead to representation.


More info here!


Image: © Marta Pradas

@ audryalt123

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