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Master class by Eduardo Momeñe


El PHotoESPAÑA Master in Photography , in collaboration with the Alcobendas City Council, organizes the master class open to the public, given by the photographer and teacher Eduardo Momeñe, at the Alcobendas Art Center, on Thursday, May 20, at 18:00 p.m.


The teaching of photography has occupied a prominent place in Eduardo Momeñe's professional career. During his presentation, he will talk to us about those aspects of photography that arouse his interest in this medium and that he has transmitted in numerous courses, workshops and seminars on photographic theory and practice. In addition, you will take a tour of his work, focused mainly on portraits, where he creates black and white images made in the studio, with a timeless elegance that combines classicism and modernity.


Date: Thursday, May 20, 2021
Hours: 18:00 p.m. - 19:30 p.m.
Venue: Paco de Lucía Auditorium, Alcobendas Art Center
Address: C / Mariano Sebastián Izuel, 9. 28100 - Alcobendas

Face-to-face modality. Free entry until 50% of the capacity is completed.






1952 Born in Bilbao. In 1960 his father, a great fan of photography and cinema, taught him how to look through a camera.


1969 He takes pictures without rest with his Nikkormat and also films in super-8. 1970 Begins to make photographic and written reports for magazines. 1971 Jethro Tull publishes Aqualung. You would like that tone, that strength, for your photographs.


1972 In the Art Encounters of Pamplona he photographs great avant-garde musicians. More than four decades later, the photographs will be exhibited at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. Every month he buys (Vogue French just to see the new Charles Jourdan ad by Guy Bourdin.


1974 His first individual exhibition takes place at the Nikon gallery in Barcelona. Since then he has regularly exhibited his photographs. Take photographs in the Sahara for the catalog of an exhibition of the painter Joaquín Torrents. Pablo Pérez Mínguez publishes his portfolio in the magazine New Lens. Rueda Walking, a seven-minute 16mm film.


1975 He abandons his studies in economics to dedicate himself to photography. He catches a train to Paris and tries, unsuccessfully, to bring the flashes to Guy Bourdin. Uwe Ommer lets you stay and learn in his Paris studio. Charge up flashes and bring snacks to outdoor fashion shoots.


1977 He sets up his studio in Madrid to work in fashion and illustration and collaborates with various publications and designers. He combines his photography interests with commercial ones.


1978 He traveled with Guillermo de Osma to take photographs for his book Mariano Fortuny / His Life and Work. In Photocentro he meets Antonio Navarro, with whom he establishes a solid friendship. For decades, Navarro will be in charge of developing and enlarging his photographs.


1980 He takes numerous photographs with the avant-garde group of Marta Schinca and Pedro Garhel. New filmmakers arrive from Barcelona with their films under their arms and which they project in their studio: Eugeni Bonet, José Luis Guerín, Manuel Huerga, Adolfo Arrieta ...


1982 Exhibits at the Photographic Spring of Barcelona, ​​at the Pentaprisma gallery.

His interest in teaching photography begins. He will spend a lot of time giving photography workshops and seminars, an activity he has never stopped.

He photographs Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson and asks him about Lewis Carroll's influence on A Passion Play.


1983 His first individual exhibition - well mounted - takes place in Madrid, at the SEN Gallery. Coordinate the book 11 Spanish photographers. The Moriarty Gallery exhibits the photographs in the book.


1984 The Moon publishes a cover with the portrait by Alicia Baldwin. Alicia appears with Kevin Ayers in the studio.

1985 Photograph to Leonard Cohen.

1987 He is part of the international jury of the Kodak Contest in Arles.

1988-1990 Writes and directs the series about photography for television The open door.

1990 Participates in the group exhibition Pictures of the move at the Galerie d ́Art Moderne, in Paris, organized by Gloria Collado.


2005 Exhibits Photographs in Europe in the Guillermo de Osma gallery, shows that he dedicates to his friend, the writer Santiago Barandiarán, who recently passed away. He begins to teach at the EFTI school in Madrid. For several years he directs the Master of Documentary Photography of this institution.


2007 Publishes the book The photographic vision, a photography course that is widely accepted, and with this, AfterPhoto was born, an editorial that allows you to self-publish and self-distribute your work.


2010 Starts writing for the digital magazine Border D, a project by Alfonso Armada, in which he has the opportunity to capture his "photographic-textual" works. Exposes Portraits, video and other fictions at the Metta Gallery in Madrid.


2013 First exhibition of Burton Norton's Photographs. It is in the Minerva room of the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. Edit the book Pam / Plossu (AfterPhoto) and organizes the homonymous exhibition at the Sala EFTI in Madrid.


2015 Publishes the book Burton Norton's Photographs, on which he has been working for several years.


2017 He exhibits again at the N2 gallery in Barcelona - he had previously done it with Isabel Muñoz - and again at the Off Festival of PHotoEspaña, with the Fernández-Braso gallery.


2018 Edit the photo book "The Pleasure of Photographing".


2020 Exhibit in the gallery Luis Burgos from Madrid his photographic work “We were not There”, a work on the world wars in Europe. Parallel to the exhibition, the book is published (Ed. AfterPhoto).


Image: © Eduardo Momeñe




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