William Klein. Antonia + Simone + Barbershop, New York, 1962 (Vogue) © William Klein

Online contest #LaCiudadSeMueve

From Léger. The search for a new order, the exhibition that the Canal Foundation hosts until September, and coinciding with the recovery of activity and urban rhythm after the end of the state of alarm, PHotoESPAÑA and Fundación Canal propose this online photographic contest through Instagram with which we can be impacted by the movement of the city. For this we resort as inspiration to the images of a reference in international photography: William Klein

Klein's aesthetics tells us of a century in motion, a century of changes, creations and revolutions. There is a constant that runs through his work, from his beginnings as a student of Léger, through his abstract experiments, to street photography, books and cinema: a line that connects and structures, that sprouts and runs. Urban geometry and human geometry. And it is precisely in these elements that the participants should be inspired for their photographs. From among all the images received, an external jury will select one winner whose author will receive a prize of 1.000 euros and two other finalist images that will receive a second prize of 500 euros each.

You can already see here the virtual gallery of the contest with the images that we are highlighting each week.

Useful information

Dates: Del 1 al 30 de junio de 2021

Participation: Through Instagram and the web form

Maximum number of images per person: 5 photographs

How to participate:

  1. Have a public profile for the duration of the call.
  2. Follow the accounts of @fundacioncanal and @photoespana_
  3. Upload the photos to your Instagram profile with the hashtag #TheCitySeMueve and mention the accounts of @fundacioncanal y @photoespana_
  4. Register your participation through the form on the PHotoESPAÑA website (Maximum 5 images per participant)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't the form show me all the images on my Instagram that have the LaCiudadSeMueve hashtag? In order for the registration form to be able to show you the images uploaded to your Instagram feed, the # must be included in the copy / caption of the image you wish to register. In case you have put the # in a comment of the publication, the form may not read that information and will not show you the image.

What do I do if after filling in the form I get an error and it no longer lets me return to the form screen? In that case you have to clear the browsing history (empty the cache) of your browser. Another option is to access the form from a different device or browser than the one you had previously used.

Can I participate if I am outside of Spain? Of course, participation is open to any citizen, inside and outside of Spain.

Can I participate by sending my images by mail? No, you can only participate by uploading your images through Instagram and registering them in the form. Images sent to any mail of the festival will not be accepted. Neither are those shared through Facebook or another social network.

How many images can I upload? Each person can register a maximum of 5 images through the web form. Of course, the images must be uploaded one by one on the platform. However, each person is free to upload as many images on Instagram as they want, without any type of limit.

Does my Instagram account have to be public? Yes, the account from which you participate must be public, at least for the duration of the contest, in order to register through the web form.

Can I have security problems when accessing my data? No, it is totally safe to access your Instagram account from the registration page.

Where can I see the images that I upload? The Festival will be turning weekly in the virtual gallery a selection of some of the best images, linking in the Instagram username to your post. In case you can't find your image in the virtual gallery, you can see it by following the hashtag #TheCitySeMueve on Instagram or by clicking the button "See participations”That appears on the registration platform.

Are the authors of the images that are selected for the web gallery notified? No, the organization will only notify the two people who are finalists, as well as the winner, once the call is over.


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