Jose Quintanilla. # 20 The invented memory, 2021 © José Quintanilla. VEGAP, Madrid, 2021

PHotoESPAÑA Santander 2021 begins!

From September 1 to October 31, Santander and Cantabria host PHotoESPAÑA for the third consecutive year. A complete proposal with 17 exhibitions and the participation of 68 national and international photographers and visual artists. The Festival will feature individual and group exhibitions in the main halls of the city, although photography will also flood the streets with open-air exhibitions and screenings. A project made possible thanks to the Government of Cantabria, the Santander City Council, the Santander Port Authority and the ENAIRE Foundation.

PHotoESPAÑA Santander 2021 It has the incorporation of two new offices. On the one hand, the National Museum and Research Center of Altamira is one of the spaces that houses the artist's project Carlos Irijalba And the wall became allergic to humans. For its part, Fundación ENAIRE's Naves de Gamazo, an exhibition space recently opened in the city, will have a night of open-air screenings by the visual artist Javier Riera.

Among the individual proposals you can enjoy an extraordinary dialogue in images between Robert Doisneau and filmmaker Isabel Coixet, which provide their respective views on two spaces as different as Palm Springs and Benidorm, with the common denominator of irony and humor.

The evolution of the photographic medium in Spain, from the mid-XNUMXth century to modern times, will be present in the monographic exhibition on Campúa at the CDIS. Santander Image Documentation Center.

Photographer Jose Quintanilla, meanwhile, embarks on a project that reflects on the "false ruin", taking as a starting point the landscaped gardens of the eighteenth century as the key and symbol of our collective memory.

The young Cantabrian photography will be present with the proposals of Enrique Gambarte - with a selection of his portraits - and Pilar Oti - with an intense series that explores other dimensions and investigates unreality-.

The Ankaria Foundation, for the first year, joins the Festival's proposals in the Cantabrian capital with the exhibition of the winners in the first edition of ANKARIAPHOTO. International Prize for Photography of the XXI century with the works of Jon Gorospe and Mayra Martell.

In addition, we can enjoy a great group exhibition with funds from the collection of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Santander and Cantabria and the Caja Cantabria Foundation, which will offer a look at the city and the urban in the eyes of authors such as Basilico, Billingham, Palazuelos, Ciuco Gutiérrez or Pilar Cossío, among others.

The Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Santander is the location where you can visit the exhibition #WeReturnwithHofmann, which offers an emotional tribute in images of the reunion with loved ones, after the separation times imposed by the pandemic.

As part of the PHotoESPAÑA Santander 2021 program, Alexandra Space, Juan Silio y Siboney will be the galleries that participate in the Festival OFF.

And as invited venues of the edition, the Doctor Madrazo Cultural Center, The cave of light y Gil bookstore.

Within the professional publishing programs, photography professionals will be able to show their work to a group of experts and be eligible for the PHotoESPAÑA Discoveries award in a new call for entries. portfolio viewing.

Consultation here! all programming. Don't miss out on anything from this edition!

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