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We already know those selected in the Santander portfolio viewing to participate in PHE22 Discoveries

In the third edition of PHotoSPAIN Santander, which brings together until the end of October the work of 68 authors in the main cultural institutions of the city, a portfolio viewing in which 12 photographers participated, from among the more than 100 who presented themselves through an open call. Among these, the jury, made up of Elsa Fernández-Santos (cultural journalist from El País); Wendy Navarro (independent curator); María Pallás (general coordinator of PHotoESPAÑA); and Javier Riera (visual artist), selected five projects that will participate, free of registration, in the PHE22 Discoveries program.

Thus, thanks to the Santander City Council, Cantabrian photographers Ana Martin y Chisco Valdes (Guatemalan settled in Santander), together with Silvia Gomez, Jorge Lopez y Pedro M. Fumero, will receive individualized advice on their project and will be able to expand their professional network of contacts next year in Madrid, also opting to exhibit their work in the Official Section of PHotoESPAÑA 2022.

About the participating projects

En The Curves of Time, Ana Martín addresses temporality and the hegemonic concept of time created by humans, as a horizontal straight line marked by the clock and the calendar.

For his part, Chisco Valdés finds in the combination of the accidental and the intentional the ideal framework to develop his project Jandyman: Or I'm American too, in which he reflects on the seduction of the American dream among the population of Latino origin.

In the series Targeted villages, Silvia Gómez shows the state of the population centers built on the outskirts of Madrid between 1956 and 1966 to provide affordable and economical housing, avoiding spontaneous settlements, to the new residents of the city from rural environments.

Jorge López focuses his gaze on the Valencian neighborhood of The Clot, documenting its architectural landscape and portraying the people who inhabit it, mostly gypsy families, through images that reflect the vitality, but also the vulnerability, of this community.

Finally, Pedro M. Fumero rebuilds in Times are bad for me the story of a family member who died as a result of HIV, through the memories that his environment conserves, such as his personal diary, photographs and video excerpts. 

About Discoveries

PHE discoveries is the professional meeting for photographers that PHotoESPAÑA holds in each of its editions and that offers selected authors the possibility of holding individual appointments with national and international experts to expand their professional network, receive advice on their work, share their project with a community of creators and show their photos to curators and editors.

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