Linarejos Moreno & Irma Alvarez-Laviada. Inside route. ANKARIA PHOTO Awards 2022

On the Geography of Green © Linarejos Moreno

The Ankaria Foundation, in collaboration with PHotoESPAÑA, presents the Inside-Route project in Córdoba, an exhibition that brings together the work of Linarejos Moreno (Madrid, 1974) and that of Irma Álvarez-Laviada (Gijón, 1978), the two authors winners of the Ankaria Photo Award 2022. From complementary positions, both projects allow us to reflect on new ways of expressive […]

The Amsterdam Boxes: Kati Horna and Margaret Michaelis in the Spanish Civil War

Aragon Front, 1937 © Kati Horna. Photographic Archive of the Foreign Propaganda Offices of the CNT-FAI / Collection International Institute of Social History (IISH) Amsterdam

PHotoESPAÑA focuses on great female photographers in history whose work has not been sufficiently recognized, on this occasion with a unique testimony on the Spanish Civil War. This exhibition collects the unpublished work of the two anarchist photojournalists, Margaret Michaelis and Kati Horna, which was considered lost for decades. Margaret Michaelis (Dziedzice,1902-Melbourne,1985) and […]

Alberto Schommer. Contemporaries

Master of the portrait and innovator of the photographic language, Alberto Schommer was a great defender of the consideration of this medium as art and of the photographer as an artist. His inexhaustible thirst to use all the expressive possibilities that photography offered him, made him a contemporary artistic and cultural reference, and one of the authors […]

Time and memory. Contemporary Spanish Photography

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto. Cespedosa, 2002 © Juan Manuel Castro Prieto

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto / Alberto García-Alix / Chema Madoz / Isabel Muñoz / Ouka Leele / Pablo Pérez Mínguez / Alberto Schommer / Rafael Sanz Lobato / José Manuel Ballester / Gabriel Cualladó / Pilar Aymerich / Toni Catany The city of Ferrol joins for the first time time to the programming of PHotoESPAÑA and […]

The Mediterranean flora in the work of Pilar Pequeño

Little Pillar. Strawberry trees, 2021 © Pilar Pequeño

The Mediterranean flora in the work of Pilar Pequeño is a photographic exhibition of the artist, who received the Bartolomé Ros Prize from Photoespaña in 2019 for her professional career. The images that have been chosen, as a representation of the Mediterranean flora in her work, are part of the "Still Life" series. […]

Ana Nance. Fables and Vanishing Flags

Anne Nance. Snowman in Ramallah, Palestine, 2013

An exhibition that includes a selection of photographs, focused on a series of Arab countries, such as the Republic of Sudan, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Morocco and Algeria, taken between 2012 and 2021. With this project the photographer tries to break with the stereotypes that are often projected on this part of the world. Anne Nance […]


© Antonio E. Ojeda

Phantasia: Photography is Magic Dates: September 1 – September 25. Curator: Orestes González Phantasia: Constructions of the Imagined Real Dates: September 9 – September 29. Curators: Asunción Lozano and Pedro Osakar Phantasia Dates: October 14 – November 3. Curator: Mar Garrido _____ Three exhibition projects in which […]

Rafael Navarro. Body and nature. Dream universes

Raphael Navarro. Involution 01

A complete selection of images by Rafael Navarro that includes works made over five decades. Rafael Navarro shows, in more than one hundred and thirty works, the creation of an exhibition project that exceeds the limit of photography strictly as a social document, and where the result transcends an aesthetic narration of a […]

Gorka Postigo. We are the flowers in your dustbin

Gorka Postigo. HENRIK

A work that makes visible the faces and bodies of the members of the LGTBIQ + community with images made by the photographer in the last ten years. A search to discover the place that queer society represents in Spain and above all a wake-up call to approach the "other" from the affection and […]

Francisco Gómez. The look of silence

Francis Gomez. Tram on the Paseo de Extremadura. Madrid, 1959

From the hand of the Fundación Foto Colectania PHotoESPAÑA receives in Alcobendas the work of one of the most representative authors of mid-XNUMXth century Spanish photography. Halfway between realism and abstraction, Paco Gómez developed a photographic style that is highly valid and up-to-date in our days and worked […]