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Ana Lessing Menjíbar

Yolanda Ochando Obra Gráfica — Alameda Principal nº 4, 3º Dcha 29005 Málaga  


Ana Lessing Menjibar is a Spanish-German artist living in Berlin with academic training in both the visual arts and flamenco dance. In her interdisciplinary practice, she explores notions of the performative, merging dance and performance with media like photography, video and installation. The artist reflects on the relationship between the body, sound and space to reveal a series of states and construct poetic worlds which contain journeys of emotion and energy. She uses the body as a point of departure to confront space, time and society. In her work, Ana Lessing Menjibar uses the visual arts to investigate the contemporary conceptual interpretation of flamenco, expanding the genre’s vocabulary to show its transformative potential on performance, where the body is considered a unique source of rhythm and sound.

Ana Lessing Menjiba. Tientos 02, 2015 © Ana Lessing Menjiba
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