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Francisco Javier Romero Varo

Galería Zunino — Calle Sagasta, N4, entreplanta izq, 41004 Sevilla  


Francisco Javier Romero is a visual artist, architect and professor of new technologies. His works inquire into the relationship between the physical medium and the occupation of space. The consequences of humans’ actions in the evolution of the landscape or the fractures and transformations caused by urban phenomena like gentrification and speculation are recurring themes in his work. His project ALMA, on Landscapes and Machines refers to ALMA (Account Large Millimetre Array), the largest astronomical observatory in the world located in the Atacama Desert, 5,000 metres over sea level. It is a unique landscape resembling a moonscape under some of the clearest skies on Earth. Through his photographs, Romero portrays landscapes where machines look at time and play with mountains, as ice and cold cover the eyes to the galaxies. High in the mountains, the Andes conceal access to the universe on a multiple frontier between man and machine, Earth and space, reality and dream, and present and future.

Francisco Javier Romero. Alma, sobre paisajes y máquinas 05, 2013 © Francisco Javier Romero
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