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Group. OFFLAND. An Ideal Place, at Least

Sema D'Acosta
Centro Cultural Galileo — Galileo 39, 28015 Madrid  

  • Lun-vie / Mon-Fri:
    08.30 h - 21.30 h
    Sáb-dom / Sat- Sun:
    09.30 h - 20.30 h

Entrada libre / Free admission
METRO: Quevedo | BICIMAD: Station 127

Unfamiliar places always seem attractive and stimulating. Anyplace that is neither close or familiar immediately transforms into an incipient opportunity. For humans, it is fundamental to find a place, even if it is imaginary, where reality adapts to our expectations, where we can escape, find refuge and identify with our yearnings.


This dreamed Arcadia is the result of small common ambitions and evocative motifs that enable us to escape reality, whether or not the result is figurative or real. This sort of personal landscape connected to the unattainable ends up being a kind of necessary conciliation between the chances that define our vital circumstances and those that could have been. Inevitably, we should assume that all illusion implicitly entails a disillusion.
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