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Group. Subjective Social

Andrés Isaac Santana
Ateneo de Madrid — Calle del Prado, 19, 28014 Madrid  

  • Lun-dom / Mon-Sun: 09.00 h - 22.00 h

METRO: Sevilla | Antón Martín

Subjective Social features artworks by 13 international artists and gives special emphasis to Latin American perspectives. The selection includes the installation “ON, Temperate Forests”, presented for the first time in Spain. It is the kind of work that because of its unique nature and ontology, has introduced a novel aesthetic experience. Subjective Social satisfies the idea that the social dimension of artworks or artifacts, including images, responds without exception to a subjective, personal and untransferable principal. I don’t believe in social art per se, but in the significant measure of subjectivity that relates -before and after- to who sees and contemplates the artworks.


Artistas: Antonia Cruz, Adonis Ferro, Aimée Joaristi, Claribel Calderius, Carlos Abad, Humberto Vélez, Marisa Caicholo, Ricardo Miguel Hernández, José Manuel Ciria, Open This End/Portal Art, Leandro Allochis, Francisco Brives, Santiago Torralba.
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