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Irene Cruz

Furiosa Gallery —  Calle de Almadén, 13, 28014 Madrid  


Stimmung is made up of the inner inquiries by the artist Irene Cruz, who tries to reflect via landscapes in which she integrates the body to create scenes that blend with the other elements of nature. The body, in surrealistic forms, imitates the structures and contexts which it wholly occupies. Sometimes the body inserts itself in space, and other times the opposite. The concept behind the German word Stimmung is extremely important to Cruz because of its polysemy: mood, humour, spirit… precisely that aura that she tries to convey with her images. She manages to get the body to transmit the atmosphere of the landscape, and for the landscape to be a reflection of the figures’ feelings. Through them, she appeals to the viewer, to their empathy. In her photographs, nature exerts a power that minimises us by folding us into it while also connecting us with a feeling of existence and common belonging. It is our image of the world and the reflection of our emotional state.


Exhibition available in the gallery fron July 2nd to Septembre 1st.

Irene Cruz. Stimmung 08, 2013 © Irene Cruz
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