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Isabel Rosado

Yusto/Giner — Pol. Ind. La Ermita, Calle Madera, 9, 29603 Marbella, Málaga  


Isabel Rosado explores the possibilities of photography with scale models using cardboard as her artistic material. She reflects on themes such as time, space, light and fiction. The Truth is Out There is a project comprised of photographs inspired by mystery/thriller television series. In each photograph, we can see spaces recreated by an assemblage of carboard models and other materials. The miniatures are then illuminated and shot by the camera before being destroyed. The only proof of their existence is the image itself, and so the impossibility of accessing the photographed object becomes evident. The “truth” is left “out” of the representational framework. A paradox is created by the anomalies in perspective, scale, and lighting, which speak of a strangeness typical of the scenes that inspired them. At the same time, the light and point of view give the image plausibility.

Isabel Rosado. The Truth Is Out There 4, 2016 © Isabel Rosado
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