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Jochen Lempert

ProjecteSD — Passatge de Mercader, 8, 08008 Barcelona  


Jochen Lempert photographs the natural world in the most diverse contexts, from the natural habitat to museums, the zoo to the city, in remote locations or in banal situations. The artist’s profound knowledge of biology, his keen sensitivity and his acute eye, together with his awareness of art and culture, intersect so naturally and organically that it is impossible to constrain his artistic discourse to a single idea. Lempert’s photographs connect us with our closest environs, and they are the result of lengthy reflection and process, but more importantly the consequence of his ability to work with complete artistic freedom and his relentless capacity to experiment, learn and create, with no concessions to trends. This set of eight photographs are part of the exhibition Hercule Florence.The New Robinson, in honour of the legacy of French-Brazilian humanist Hercule Florence. Lempert combines images of nature and daily life with some of Florence’s drawings photographed in his archive that Lempert had access to while in São Paulo.

Jochen Lempert. © Jochen Lempert
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