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Jordi Esteva. Arab Arcadia

Jesús Cañete Ochoa

Casa Árabe
Casa Árabe — Calle Alcalá, 62, 28009, Madrid  

  • Lun-sáb / Mon-Sat: 11.00 h - 19.30 h
    Dom, fest / Sun&Hol:
    11.00 h - 15.00 h

Entrada libre / Free admission
METRO: Velázquez | Príncipe de Vergara. BICIMAD: Station 97

Jordi Esteva has focused most of his photography on Oriental and African cultures. A multidisciplinary artist who also works in cinema and writing, he views photography as a patient wait; he conscientiously seeks the right time, chases shadows and bides his time awaiting the precise moment to capture the spirit of the place.


Two series of photographs are displayed in the exhibition Arab Arcadia. The first one is comprised of pictures of Socotra, the island of Sinbad the Sailor, a place lost in the Indian Ocean almost 400 kilometres off the coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is a mythical place where Indians, Greeks and Arabs from the south travelled, attracted by the previous properties of the scented resins from the incense and myrrh trees. The second series is made up of photographs of the five largest oases in Egypt (Siwa, Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla and Kharga), tiny universes which have been frozen in time for aeons, retaining their own cultures and giving rise to countless legends.


The photography of Jordi Esteva is a nostalgic paean to faraway lands and almost vanished worlds. He is captivated by the simplicity and value attached to the things in these other remote, primitive places. His photographs are exceptional ethnographic testimonies in which he portrays the everyday lives of their people as they rest, walk with their camels, sip tea or even argue.
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