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José Ferrero Villares

Galería Utopia Parkway — Calle de la Reina, 11, 28004 Madrid  


In the series Seduction and The Mystery of the Hidden, José Ferrero focuses on what is beyond the obvious. One of modern individuals’ biggest concerns is defining their identity, sometimes to stand out from others, others to be a part of a specific social group. Clothing, music, literature and politics have always been used to achieve that. The artist thus examines the way subjects mould their personality via their cultural interests. To do so, he attends events and exhibitions to photograph the precise moment when an individual faces that work of art which they consider important, and which will therefore influence their way of thinking and seeing the world, changing and shaping their identity to a greater or lesser extent. This individual encounter with the work recorded by the camera enables us to maintain a dialogue between the viewer and the work displayed, even going so far as merging them into a single image or form.

José Ferrero Villares. Sin título, 2018 © José Ferrero Villares
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