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Manuel Outumuro. Of Clay and Light

Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza & PHotoESPAÑA
La Lonja — Plaza del Pilar, s/n, 50003, Zaragoza  

  • Mar-sáb / Tue-Sat:
    10.00 - 14.00 h
    17.00 - 21.00 h
    Dom, fest / Sun&Hol:
    10.00 - 14.30 h


In Manuel Outumuro’s view, life is made of two elements: clay and light. Clay as a material that defines shape, and light as the soul, the spirit. This is the underpinning that Outumuro explores when tackling a new portrait, as he views them as necessary tools to give shape to a representation and capture the individual in a unique image.


He believes that capturing, enhancing, highlighting and making the person unique is the key to a good portrait. Outumuro claims that in order to photograph someone, their figure and face have to be inundated with light, yet without the external light dimming the light emanating from his sitter.
One hundred photographs of different personalities taken in the past 25 years of his career give shape to this exhibition. The portraits document an era and leave proof of his personal way of seeing, showing different profiles and personalities through the unique eye of a photographer who uses an apparently simple, element style to conceal extraordinary mastery and craftsmanship in his portraits.


Outumuro has been a photographer for 30 years, during which time he has cast his eye on the world of fashion and the history of Spanish cinema from the past three decades. His main intention is to capture the unknown facet of the person he is portraying, and to do so he has always remained on the sidelines of photographic trends and avoided provocation and spectacle.



Outumuro lleva 30 años de actividad como fotógrafo en los que su mirada se ha dirigido al mundo de la moda y a la historia del cine español de las últimas tres décadas. Su principal intención es plasmar el lado inédito del personaje al que retrata y para ello siempre se ha mantenido al margen de las tendencias fotográficas, de la provocación o del espectáculo.
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