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Manuel Viola

BAT Alberto Cornejo — Calle María de Guzmán, 61 (local), 28003 Madrid  

  • Lun-vie / Mon-Fri: 10:30 h - 14:00 h / 17:30 h - 20:00 h
    Sáb / Sat: 11:00 h - 14:00 h
    Dom / Sat: Cerrado / Closed

Entrada libre / Free admission

This is an individual, introspective journey to India, Ethiopia and Cuba with the photographer and physician from Malaga, Manuel Viola, where he shows us a breathtaking, harsh and yet tender human geography.
Viola’s dark, rough side, in contrast to his delicacy when dealing with the most abrupt subject matters, encourages us to reflect on these parallel, distant realities which also belong to us. This show speaks about lived experiences and acceptance. Manuel Viola portrays the soul of the countries where he goes, as if his eyes were the mirror of a restless being who seeks to save the gaze of the world from a real, unpretentious standpoint. The portrait is his main medium, which he crafts digitally via a postproduction and editing process focused on highlighting and accentuating textures, blurs and chiaroscuros. In this way, Viola births an artistic oeuvre boasting a tragic, Caravaggio-esque aesthetic which is the most astonishing in his portraits of children, one of his most recurring themes.

Manuel Viola. Prudence. M´lomp I.Senegal, 2010 © Manuel Viola
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