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Marcelo Víquez

KEWENIG — Carrer de Sant Gaietà, 4A, 07012 Palma, Illes Balears  


Marcelo Víquez draws from his own biography as a creative resource to examine his obsessions, fears, hopes and desires, but especially to confront lived experiences, which he uses to make a critical portrait of society from an attitude that he himself defines as outsider, always with humour and irony. Through Suite Paso de la Arena, Víquez suggests that everything that is born in this outlying neighbourhood of Montevideo is blind and only capable of seeing through the neighbourhood’s eyes. This photographic series is made up of different pieces which clearly share one thing: the internal duality that Víquez always pursues in his works.

Marcelo viquez. Sin título, 2018 © Marcelo viquez
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