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Pedro Giménez Jarreño

Malvin Gallery — Calle Colmenares, 7, 28004 Madrid  


Pedro Giménez Jarreño is strongly attracted to spaces fated to disappear. In them, he seeks the traces of their interrupted activity and the ghosts of their past life. One of these places is the Mahou factory on Paseo Imperial in Madrid’s Arganzuela neighbourhood, which in the last years it was operating had become an industrial relic of the past century trapped in a residential neighbourhood. Through Diary of a Demolition, Giménez Jarreño photographs the place with the intention of appropriating this obsolete site by creating poetic images from that wasteland. He approaches the space with an artistic intention, not to condemn it or wallow in nostalgia. To do so, he forgets the demolition process and instead photographs the heretofore unseen silhouettes which he discovered amidst the jumble of iron bears and stone blocks, which gradually come to life.

Corte, Pedro Giménez, 2017 © Pedro Giménez
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