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Collective. Photo Not Photo

Paz Guadalix

Centro de Arte Alcobendas
Centro de Arte Alcobendas — Calle de Mariano Sebastian Izuel, nº 9, 28100 Alcobendas, Madrid  

  • Lun-sáb / Mon-Sat:
    11.00 h - 20.00 h

Entrada libre / Free admission
METRO: Marqués de Valdavia. CERCANÍAS: Alcobendas – San Sebastián de los Reyes

In the photography just like in any other artistic discipline, the creator must master the technique, but just like in any other aesthetic field, technique is a tool which helps them convey their ideas. All the pictures in this exhibition are part of the Alcobendas Photography Collection, and what they all share is that they go beyond technique in favour of aesthetics. They are photographs that transcend their discipline and draw closer to other art forms, installations, projections or artistic objects which start as creative processes when coaxing images from the chemical action of light yet are exhibited not on traditional baryta paper but on other surfaces with different characteristics.


This shift in medium brings a ductility which takes the image out of the rigorous space of photography and reveals a semantically rich world. Artists like Antonio Tabernero, Alicia Estefanía and Joan Foncuberta are part of this exhibition in which the raw material is still photography, yet the results totally transcend what we understand as traditional photography.
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