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Sergio Sotomayor

Blanca Soto Arte — Calle Almadén, 13, 28014 Madrid  

Metro: Atocha / Antón Martín

Sergio Sotomayor creates virtual scenes and digital settings in the form of walk-through landscapes or small dioramas. His work deals with the relationship between biology and technology, theories of the evolution of consciousness and cognitive processes, as well as advances in the exploration of the subatomic world, artificial intelligence and the expansion towards new dimensions such as cyberspace and virtual reality. The Spyhole series consists of snapshots in virtual spaces. An open world passable through a first-person interface. Small portals that look out over the different rooms of this peculiar metaverse.

Sergio Sotomayor. SPYHOLE 11, 2018 © Sergio Sotomayor
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