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Shaima Al Tamimi / Thana Faroq. Displacements. Diasporas from Yemen

Arantza Aramburu - Hamel

Casa Árabe
Casa Árabe — Calle Alcalá, 62, 28009, Madrid  

  • Lun-sáb / Mon-Sat: 11.00 h - 19.30 h
    Dom, fest / Sun&Hol:
    11.00 h - 15.00 h

Entrada libre / Free admission
METRO: Velázquez | Príncipe de Vergara. BICIMAD: Station 97

The works of Shaima al Tamimi and Thana Faroq reflect universal themes revolving around displacement, in which they reflect on the shared social and cultural aspects which remain despite the distance, or they associate identity with freedom and the limitations imposed. This show seeks to inquire into the personal and family displacements conveyed by both photographers with Yemeni roots, whose context is the population movements associated with the conflicts that have marked the recent history of Yemen, far from its glorious past as one of the most important centres of civilisation in the Middle East.


In the series As If We Never Came, Shaima Al-Tamimi delves into her personal history while taking a cross-cutting look at the models and impacts of migration, identity and culture. With I Don’t Recognize Me in The Shadows, Thana Faroq reveal us the unpredictable, transitory nature of refugees restricted lives, alternating with reflections on personal moments and handwritten testimonials which capture hopes, fears, dreams and struggles.
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