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One + Two

Mariam Alcaraz Ruiz

BAT Alberto Cornejo — Calle María de Guzmán, 61 (local), 28003 Madrid  

  • Lun-vie / Mon-Fri: 10:30 h - 14:00 h / 17:30 h - 20:00 h
    Sáb / Sat: 11:00 h - 14:00 h
    Dom / Sat: Cerrado / Closed

Entrada libre / Free admission

One + two shows three different perspectives:
David Delgado develops his work along three lines of research: documentary photography, contextualised portrait and what
he dubs “interventions of reality”.
Andy Sortiriu found in photography form of expression that best marriages his interest for art and science.
Marta Soul reflects about the interaction between the image and reality, taking into consideration the influence that each has on the other.

Andy Sotiriou bio.

"I grew up in London in the 1960s. A great combination of time and place. I did a physics degree planning to work in science, but instead found myself drawn into the world of my non-student friends, who were mostly photographers, painters and commercial artists. I found, in photography, the perfect medium of expression that combined my interests in art and science.

As a freelancer I started photographing musicians at live venues for record companies, who would later give me work photographing album covers and publicity material. I was also shooting personal work and selling it to publishers of posters and fine art prints.

In the 80s I travelled extensively in Europe and the USA, building an archive of travel and commercial images for various photo libraries, primarily Getty Images.

I moved from London to Spain in the early 90s and continued working as a commercial photographer until very recently. I now work only on my personal projects for print and exhibition, dividing my time in Spain between Murcia and Madrid."

David Delgado bio.

"I love ideas that elevate our spirit and make us feel part of something bigger than ourselves. As a Visual Strategist with The Studio at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, I draw from my background in anthropology, advertising, and art/science learning to create experiences that activate people's imagination and invite them to think more deeply about the questions that drive science and technology forward. A central theme to my work is the relationship between imagination and the desire to explore.

Outside of JPL, I work as a independent artist and co-founder of the Museum of Awe, developed to leave visitors feeling the gift and privilege of being alive."

Marta Soul bio.

"I was born in Madrid, were I grew up. One day I had to face a tough decision: my life profession. People asked me to decide myself, so I run a kind of draw. I made a list with several choices: nursing, fashion design, handcrafter, old Greek, writer, etc. I closed my eyes and randomly dropped my finger on the sheet and guess what I pointed at… photographer! I never had to think about it again. In turn, I started to think about social roles, emotions, physical appearance, and to re-think many life decisions of people!

In my artwork, I produce visual reflections on the interaction between cultural topics like aesthetics of the self (appearances), emotions (and their relation with values) and behaviour (patterns of interaction). Photography has allowed me to construct images raising questions about current stereotypes on issues like immigration, consumerism, or romantic love. My pictures often include characters portrayed on backgrounds with a particular social narrative. I play with the appearance of these characters (for instance, the aesthetics of a successful life) to reflect upon issues like the achievement of wills or the expression of unsatisfied desires in the consumerist society. My images are produced through a complex process but, in any case, my relationship with people is essential to the final result."
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