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Hard Truths. Photographers of the The New York Times

Curators: Arthur Olman, David Furst; Project Director: Todd Brandow

Ayuntamiento de Segovia, Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography & PHotoESPAÑA

New York Times

Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography , The New York Times
La Cárcel. Centro de creación — Avenida Juan Carlos I, s/n, 40003, Segovia  

  • Mie-vie / Wed-Fri:
    17.00 h - 21.00 h
    Sáb-dom; fest / Sat-Sun; Hol: 11.00 h - 14.00 h / 17.00 h - 21.00 h
    Lunes y martes: cerrado / Monday and Tuesday: closed

Entrada libre / Free admission

The photographs in this exhibition are the voice of outrage; the tragedy that nobody wanted to see. They are images that capture the very instant that can summarise an entre reportage, that suspend the consciousness of viewers stunned by their own fragility. A privilege attainable by only some photographers, like those of the The New York Times.

The best photojournalists are able to project a sense of comprehension and honesty to give voice to people’s di culties and disseminate their stories. The images of individuals whose lives are di erent, but their humanity is identical.

Not all photojournalism portrays con ict and misery. A well-constructed photograph illuminates what a text cannot convey: the sorrowful worry in an old man’s expression, the overwhelming solitude of a desert landscape, or the startling immediacy of a recently slaughtered animal.

As spectators, we need these images to help us form intelligent opinions.

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