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Víctor López González

My Name's Lolita Art — Calle Almadén, 12, 28014 Madrid  

  • Mar-vie / Mon-Fri:
    11.00 h - 14.00 h / 17.00 h - 20.30 h
    Sáb / Sat: 11.00 h -14.00 h
    Horario de verano / Summer hours (julio / July): Lun-vie / Mon-Fri: 11.00 h – 14.00 h / 17.00 h - 20.30 h

Entrada libre / Free admission
METRO: Estación del Arte | Antón Martín. BICIMAD: Station 67

Víctor López González discusses the phenomenon of the recent maritime migrations from Africa to Europe in the project Festland, where he uses portraiture as an element to dignify the subject, as opposed to the usual anonymity of the hundreds of people who move from one continent to the other in the quest for a better life. Festland was shot in two periods; the first focuses on the arrival shore in Tenerife and portrays minor and adolescent immigrants who have landed on terra firma after surviving the long, dangerous Atlantic crossing. These youths show us a unique story of struggle and survival behind them. The second period, López González shifts to the coast of Senegal, the epicentre of departures. In this case, he shows us a photograph series of mothers belonging to the Organisation of Women for the Fight Against Illegal Emigration in Senegal, founded by Yayi Bayam Diouf—one of the women portrayed, who lost her only son along the migratory route—which struggles for a decent life for the youths in the country.

Víctor López González. La Bonne Espérance. Tenerife 2006 / Senegal 2007-08 © Víctor López González
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