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Vik Muniz

Elba Benítez — San Lorenzo 11 Madrid, 28004  

  • Mar-sáb / Tue-Sat:
    11.00 h - 19.00 h

Entrada libre / Free admission

Vik Muniz creates meticulously crafted visual puns and games, delighting viewers while at the same time raising more thoughtful questions about the nature and mechanics of illusion and representation. Known for his technical virtuosity, his use of unusual materials (such as chocolate, ash, dirt and bits of paper) and his irreverent humour, Muniz’s distinctive practice explores and revels in the instability that exists between craft and mechanical reproduction, high art and popular culture, the coded and the recognisable. This exhibition includes a selection from the Repro and Surfaces series, which replicate works by historical figures such as Velázquez, Gertrude Greene and Ben Nicholson, as well as from Pictures of Paper, which consists in black-and-white works that recreate images by the photographers who portrayed US society during the Great Depression, such as Margaret Bourke-White and Lewis Hine.

Vik Muniz. Construction after Getrude Greene. Surfaces, 2020 © Cortesía de Vik Muniz y Galería Elba Benítez
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