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Yu Yamauchi

Galería Valid Foto — Carrer de Buenaventura Muñoz, 6, 08018 Barcelona  


More than five years have gone by since Yu Yamauchi began his journey around Mongolia in search of a paradise where nature and human beings are in perfect harmony. After his journey, as he was going through his printed images, he realised that in his quest for paradise his journeys seemed to have taken him to different places. Each of the scenes captured seemed to exist independently, yet they were all from the same country and the same time. These images objectively showed Yamauchi the land where he had travelled through, to which he had not paid too much attention. That was when the artist began to think that beyond time and space, each world exists simultaneously with multiple layers, just like the infinite number of planets in the universe. His journey showed him the way, as if he were digging through human history. In the end, a question occurred to him: “How will humanity forge its path towards the future?”, and he reached the conclusion that the way each of us “lives” at this very time will show us the way.

Yu Yamauchi. PLANET YU, 2020 © Yu Yamauchi
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