Alberto Schommer. Contemporaries

Alberto Schommer. Contemporaries

- 11.09.2022
Organized by
Department of Culture of the City Council of Elche and PHotoESPAÑA
Ana Berruguete


Municipal Exhibition Hall "Medieval Market"
Plaza de Baix, 1. Elche

Tue-Sat / Tue -Sat:
10.00 – 14.00 h & 15.00 – 18.00 h
Sun / Sun:
10.00 -14.00 Feet

T: + 34 966 658 145
Alberto Schommer. Contemporaries
Alberto Schommer. Contemporaries

A master of portraiture and an innovator of photographic languages, Alberto Schommer staunchly defended viewing this medium as art and the photographer as an artist. He would say that without the photographic image, the world would be smaller. His tireless thirst to use all the expressive possibilities that photography offered him made him a contemporary artistic and cultural referent and one of the essential authors in Spanish photography.

This exhibition focuses on portraits, one of his best genres through which created an exceptional iconographic gallery of our country’s recent history. For this show, a broad selection of photographs devoted exclusively to men and women from Spanish culture have been brought together on their own. As a visual chronicle, the photographs chosen— some of them very famous, others hardly seen before, all of them iconic—encourage us to take a visual tour through XNUMXth-century culture, from the mid-XNUMXs to the year XNUMX—based on the names comprising it: faces from painting, film, literature, music, theatre, dance and other disciplines.