Alfonso. Be Wary of Memory

- 31.08.2022
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Alfonso. Be Wary of Memory
Alfonso. Be Wary of Memory

A monograph dedicated to one of the main architects of visual memory Spanish that corresponds to the convulsive first half of the XNUMXth century.

Alfonso took his camera to the street to portray pieces of reality, helping the construction of the country's visual memory in a century marked by dynamism and social and political changes.

Behind the Alfonso label there was not one, but four photographers belonging to a family saga. Through their photographic camera, the Alfonsos recorded a complete visual chronicle of XNUMXth-century Spain: scenes of daily life and protagonists of a convulsive time.

Politicians, kings, athletes and the most illustrious characters of Spain in the first half of the last century paraded through the Alfonso studio, but his camera also portrayed the most transcendental events of Spanish politics and society, the civil war and the process of transformation from the country.

The photographic work of more than 116.000 negatives forms one of the most important archives in our recent history. The visual memory of a dynamic, convulsive and tragic Spanish century.