At night. Outdoor projections. Elizabeth Munoz

Organized by
ENAIRE Foundation and PHotoESPAÑA


Ships of Gamazo
Gamazo, s / n 39004 Santander

22.00 - 23.00 h

Admission free
T: + 34 942 502 013
At night. Outdoor projections. Elizabeth Munoz
At night. Outdoor projections. Elizabeth Munoz

The National Photography Award winner Isabel Muñoz participates in the fourth edition of PHotoESPAÑA Santander and Cantabria with a session of night projections on the façade of the Naves de Gamazo.

The photographer continues in this project with her latest line of works that abound on the problems derived from climate change and the excess of plastics in the sea. In this case, and especially for the Festival, Muñoz rescues the figure of the anjanas, magical and mythological beings closely linked to the Cantabrian tradition. According to legend, they are fairies that help human beings when they need it.

In this piece we discover an anjana who has known Cantabria for thousands of years and who sees with concern how the warming of the water and the rise in sea level can cause this land, which she loves so much, to end up disappearing.

The anjana falls in love with a human who is playing with the water. Both begin a love story of which we will not know the end, as is the case with the fate of the oceans. However, the work presents a hopeful future in which love triumphs and the seas and oceans survive thanks to the reaction of human beings to preserve them.