Referrals. Photography in Spain between the 50s and the 80s

Referrals. Photography in Spain between the 50s and the 80s

- 13.11.2022
Organized by
Patio Herreriano Museum of Contemporary Spanish Art. Valladolid
Alberto Martín


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Referrals. Photography in Spain between the 50s and the 80s

A large collective exhibition that builds a panoramic view of three decisive decades of Spanish photography.

From the profound renewal of photographic language in the 50s, to the normalization and institutionalization of the photographic medium that took place throughout the XNUMXs.

 The commitment that the Patio Herreriano Museum maintains with the language of photography is endorsed in the summer months with an anthological exhibition that aims to study one of the essential moments for understanding the evolution of the medium in Spain: the three decades between those renovating energies that began to occur towards the middle of the fifties and the confirmation of the vigor with which photography was consolidated in the institutional and commercial segments of our country in the eighties. The exhibition focuses on aspects such as the interruption in the development of photography as a result of the Civil War, the new impetus of the fifties thanks to the different groups scattered throughout the Spanish geography, the appearance of Nueva Lente, the moments of greatest plastic experimentation that coincide with the commitment to documentary photography and, finally, already in the eighties, the trends that emerged under the umbrella of postmodernity.

Curated by Alberto Martín, the exhibition can be visited in the two rooms on the first floor of the museum.