Isabel Muñoz. Water

- 28.09.2022
Organized by
Zaragoza City Council and PHotoESPAÑA


Old Pignatelli water tanks
Paseo de Cuellar, 2 50006 Zaragoza

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Isabel Muñoz. Water

PHotoESPAÑA presents in Zaragoza the latest work by the National Photography Prize winner Isabel Muñoz, a reflection on the importance of respecting the environment.

We are water, a new collaboration between the photographer and the Japanese freediver Ai Futaki, confronts the viewer with the dangers of global warming.

For more than four decades, Isabel Muñoz has traveled the world exploring the emotions and feelings of human beings with her camera. And also her darkest and most complex contradictions, as in We Are Water, an installation in which she confronts us with our lack of commitment to one of the main challenges we face: global warming. The attacks on the physical environment, the pressure on terrestrial creatures and the depletion of certain resources, water among others, endanger the survival of our species. More than two billion people live without drinking water and every year around one and a half million children die as a result of this lack.

The Catalan artist has dedicated the last five years of her life to immersing herself under the waters of seas, oceans and aquatic environments to invite us to reflect on the generosity of nature and the mistreatment she receives in response. On this occasion she does it together with the Japanese freediver Ai Futaki and other divers in the aquariums of the Oceanographic Institute of Valencia, attracted by the diversity of the organisms that inhabit them: jellyfish, manta rays, turtles, sharks, algae and anemones, seahorses, sea…