Donna Ferrato. Holy

- 21.01.2022
Organized by
Women and Equality Service of the Zaragoza city council
Ana Berruguete


Juana Francés Room
Calle Don Juan de Aragón 2, 50001, Zaragoza

Mon-Fri / Mon-Fri:
10.00 h. - 14.00 h. / 17.00 h. - 21.00 h.

T: 976 726 040
Donna Ferrato. Holy

Photographer Donna Ferrato undertook a radical journey across the US XNUMX years ago as women fought for equality both in the privacy of the home and in the professional sphere. This exhibition starts from one of her most important works Living with the enemy(Living with the Enemy) which began in XNUMX. Since then, Donna Ferrato has continued this documentation work until the current #metoo era, to gather these photographs into her new project. The project also includes images that were taken during the Women's Day demonstration on March XNUMX, XNUMX in Madrid.

Donna Ferrato breaks with the traditional approach to documentary photography and practices the "gonzo" method, a non-objective journalism where documentation, opinion and immersion come together to tell her story. The photographs are the result of a long journey of research and documentation driven by a strong commitment and activism to reveal one of the darkest and most hurtful sides of our current society.