Eduard Ibáñez. MIMESIS

- 25.06.2022
Luisa Martin Vidales Llorente


Mar de Vida Art
Moratin 23, 28014 Madrid

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10.30 - 14.00 h

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METRO: Antón Martín / Art Station / Seville
NEARBY: Atocha Renfe / Sol

T: 654 840 055

The series of photographs MIMESIS addresses the landscape as a setting for human productive activity. The overexploitation of natural resources affects the degradation of the landscape, provoking in the viewer the need to adapt in its perception, by establishing new landscape panoramas that we assume as a consequence of social and economic progress. A “contemporary landscape” that is part of the growing need to deplete natural resources and that has long since become part of our daily visual memory.

MIMESIS is a process that is exercised in Nature in an endless way of imitation of itself, being the common thread, through which this collection of photographs has been developed. The creative interest has focused on the "post-construction" of the landscape, where stone and rocky matter is replaced by plant and tree matter. From hundreds of photographs of bark and felling of trees of different species, a large bank of images has been compiled as construction material. Texture, appearance, shape or physiognomy, constitute the common denominator of the dialogue that, in Nature, occurs between different types of matter. A universe in which these materials are integrated and camouflaged, in a vast catalog of mimetic phenomena in capricious shared forms, which are hardly differentiated from each other. Fictional landscapes created under the protection of natural settings, modified in open-air quarries, provoking in the viewer a kind of perceptive game, as rich and subtle as it is disorienting.