The Last Cry. Earth, A Retrospective

The Last Cry. Earth, A Retrospective

- 04.06.2023
Organized by
Fundació Per Amor a l'Art – Bombas Gens Center d'Art
The Last Cry (Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo)


Pumps Gens Center d'Art
Av. de Burjassot, 54-56 46009 Valencia
Admission free
T: + 34 9 963 463 856

Within the framework of València World Design Capital 2022, Bombas Gens Center d'Art —under the artistic direction of Sandra Guimarães— has invited El Ultimo Grito to create an exhibition proposal based on the Per Amor a l'Art Collection. In this exhibition, design operates as a conceptual and material narrative, as well as a curatorial device, outlining a kind of interlude language and engaging in a dialogue that opens a speculative approach to the nature of this collection and its individual works.

Earth, A Retrospective shows the Per Amor a l'Art Collection as a “creative geography” — an editing concept developed by Lev Kuleshov, designed to collide shots from different locations to generate a new seamless landscape where the narrative takes place. With this project, El Ultimo Grito looks at the Earth from an indeterminate point in a future space-time. A point where our memory of the Earth is broken and our only link with it is a collection of images where meaning and signifier are blurred; where our gaze romanticizes them in narratives that seek to find a meaning beyond their historicity.