Portrait workshop with Estela de Castro

This practical workshop, given by Estela de Castro, a photographer specializing in portraits, invites us to reflect on light, to search for the lighting required by the physiognomy of each face, of each face, in order to find it and know how to interpret it. During her activity, the author from Madrid will also teach how to introduce the people portrayed in her environment, without this taking away the leading role, taking care of the composition and the framing.

Estela de Castro will also break down the barriers that a photographer usually encounters when placing the lens of his camera in front of a person he does not know. Finally, she will review the work of some of the great masters of history, classic and contemporary, as well as the first techniques used in portrait photography.

Santa Maria the Rich, 3 | Alcala de Henares
Saturday, September 10, 10 a.m.-14 p.m. and 16-20 p.m. 

Sunday September 11 10-14h
15 places


  • Anna Moskalkova
  • Charo Pebble
  • Sara Enriquez Carrera
  • Lala Serrano
  • carmen ache
  • Margaret Gutierrez
  • Maria Mendez de Vigo
  • John Manuel Heads
  • Gin Siddal
  • Maria Solis
  • Fernando Ortega
  • Jose Fco. Saborit Fruits 
  • Ivan Vrublevsky 
  • immaculate bald 
  • Ascension Munoz 
  • mercedes of the priest