Portfolio viewing in Santander

Within the framework of the Festival, PHotoESPAÑA and the Fundación Santander Creativa organize a portfolio review that will allow a group of previously selected photographers to show their work to leading agents in the sector.

During the meeting, which was held last Saturday, September 10 at the headquarters of the Santander Creativa Foundation (Monumental Ensemble of the Casa Noble de los Riva-Herrera), each participant received individual advice on their project and expanded their professional network of contacts.

Organized by: PHotoESPAÑA and Fundación Santander Creativa

Selected in Santander's portfolio review to participate in Discoveries PHE23

Of the 14 photographers, Among the almost one hundred who showed up to view the portfolios in Santander, the jury, made up of Francis Carpio (art critic); Maria Pallás (general coordinator of PHotoESPAÑA); Diana Villarreal (coordinator of the PHotoESPAÑA Master) and Joshua Zaldibar (Principal of Blackkamera School), selected five projects and awarded a special mention, whose authors will participate, without registration cost, in the program Discoveries PHotoESPAÑA 23. Registration is valued at 240 euros. 

Thus, thanks to the support of the Santander Creativa Foundation, the photographers María Blázquez, Laura Fandiño, Daniela Olave and Catara Rego and the photographer Pablo López will receive individual advice on their project and will be able to expand their professional network of contacts next year in Madrid, also choosing to exhibit their work in the Official Section of PHotoESPAÑA 2023. Santander-born photographer Ana Sánchez Viaje, who was awarded a special mention, will also be able to participate in Discoveries 2023 under the same conditions as the five selected people.

About Discoveries

Discoveries PHotoESPAÑA is the professional meeting for photographers that PHotoESPAÑA organizes in each of its editions and that offers the selected authors the possibility of having individual appointments with national and international experts to expand their professional network, receive advice on their work, share their project with a community of creators and show their photos to curators and editors. The next edition of Discoveries will be held in Madrid in June 2023.

About the selected projects

En bad sleep, Maria Blazquez resignifies a family history from a series of self-portraits, while reflecting on the role of women in Spain in the 40s of the last century, in the midst of Franco's dictatorship.

Laura Fandino carve out your own space self-build, a work that brings together various photographic series in which the author mixes her memories with those of her father, as a way of establishing communication between the two and recording and archiving family memory.

En Not from here, not from there, Daniela Olave proposes an approach to the Chinese community in Spain from different techniques and photographic narratives. The project is made up of five chapters, where the author's imagination also comes into play in an attempt to escape from her routine.


Catara Rego he reflects in his images the impact that the exploitation of natural resources has had on the Galician landscape, as well as its effects on the process of land degradation.  

Pablo Lopez documents in The Ridge the strip of jungle of the same name that runs through New Delhi from north to south. The author delves into this work both in the thickness of this natural environment and in its vicinity, from the west bank of the Yamuna River to the suburbs that have grown on its edge.

Mention by the jury

Ana Sánchez Trip addresses in minarai the lack of communication between human beings and the isolation and feelings it provokes, through what the author herself calls “visual poetry and magical realism”.