PHE 2022 Audience Award. Vote for your favorite exhibition!

Photography is an interrupted dialogue if there is no one to receive it. For this reason, in PHotoESPAÑA the public also has the floor.

Like every year, we announce a new edition of the Audience Award, in which the
Festival visitors can vote and choose their favorite exhibition from among those
make up the official section.

Among all the participants who cast their vote a pack of books from the Festival's official exhibitions will be raffled. The winner of the book pack will be contacted by the Festival organization, through the email provided in the vote, once the voting period has ended.

The winning exhibition of the last edition was Futures Photography 2021 at the Circle of Fine Arts.



Alberto Garcia-Alix. Fantasies in the meadow
Xavier Campano. the wandering eye
Estela de Castro. The Animals
Tina Modotti



The National Photography Award Alberto García-Alix has presented at PHotoESPAÑA 2022, by the hand of ENAIRE Foundation, her project Fantasies in El Prado, an evocative work in which the artist intervenes on some of the works in the art gallery.

Using analog photography and through double exposures of fragments of the same work of art on a single negative, García-Alix creates an extraordinary "fantasy" within the painting itself. Through various frames and overlays, the photographer reinterprets the work of art, maintaining the essence and character of the Prado pieces. Works by Goya, El Greco, Van der Weyden, Velázquez... through the filter of the camera of one of the great Spanish photographers, for whom the Prado Museum "is the best photography school".

Dance mask in the Prado, 2019 © Alberto Garcia-Alix. VEGAP, Madrid